Prenatal and postpartum lactation consultations, support via phone and email, and weight checks. 


Benefits of breastfeeding, returning to work, exclusive pumping, and group classes (private & in medical settings).

Serving Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery County. Including Camden County New Jersey. 

Home Consults

The initial home visit will include a 2 hour home visit with a Lactation Consultant which will observe a latch and conduct an evaluation of mom's breast and baby's mouth if necessary. A pre and post weight will be done to measure your baby's intake. You will receive a copy of the consult notes as well as your OBGYN and your baby's pediatrician. A 2-week phone/email consult will be provided at no extra cost to assure your questions and concerns are answered. 

Follow-Up Consults

As much as we would love to solve each situation on the first try, at times you may need a follow-up visit to further assess the situation or to track progress. The visit is at a lower cost but with the same benefits. You will have a 2 hour home visit with a Lactation Consultant, a pre and post weight will be done on the baby, and consult notes will be provided and faxed. You will also have a 2-week phone/email consult provided at no extra cost.

Weight Check

Services are provided to new and existing clients for which are concerned with baby's weight. 

Private Prenatal Consult

Consults are done during pregnancy and are meant to provide you and your loved ones with personal breastfeeding education. Services are also beneficial to women who had trouble breastfeeding in the past and would like to breastfeed the new baby. 

Breastfeeding Classes

Classes are uniquely tailored to specific groups. Services are provided in different settings such as at home with friends and family and in waiting areas at OB & Pediatric offices. Medical clinics are to contact us privately to book a session for patients. 

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