• Ileana Berrios, IBCLC

Hi, I am 1 Month Old. What can my parents expect from me?

So, your bundle of joy is now 1 month old. You have successfully made it this far!!! Hurray!!

As the months go by you will start noticing some exciting changes in your baby's development and feeding behaviors.

What can you expect this month?

1. All those long nights of practice are finally paying off as your baby now will be more efficient at suckling.

2. Now that the baby is good at suckling and retrieving milk she will also want more of it. You may notice every so often she will have "marathon feedings" or "Thanksgiving" at the breast. Don't sound the alarms just yet! It is normal, and it is expected if you want her to double her birth weight by the age of 4 months. Hang in there. These feedings can get overwhelming, but remember they will pass!

3. You will see your baby developing a personality while feeding. You may hear noises or display different behavior.

4. Spending time with your baby has now helped her know that you are mommy and daddy. She will be more focused on your facial features as you stop and speak to her. Try reading to the baby at this time and include a lot of facial expressions.

5. Her sight is beginning to improve. She may not notice you across the room, but she can focus on an object that is at least 8-10 inches away and follows it with her eyes.

6. Has your baby tried latching on to someone other than you? It can be hilarious seeing your baby adjust herself to a feeding position when held the same way you hold her for a feeding. Men Beware!!

7. Your baby's reflexes are starting to improve. She may not be startled as when she was a newborn, but she will respond to noises- especially to familiar ones. Also, notice how she will hold on tight to your finger, HAIR, of clothing. OUCH!!!

Ohh the joys of seeing your baby grow. We encourage you to continue breastfeeding during this lovely stage. Every month you will see your baby doing more cool things.

Remember, don't worry if your baby is not doing all of these things.

Soon enough she will and you will brag about it to your friends and family!


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