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Hi, I was just born and I am under 12-hours old. What can my parents expect from me?

The first 12-hours after birth can be a little confusing. Don't let your baby's normal feeding delays worry you so much.

Here are some expectancies:

--> After birth you will see your baby go through various stages most of which include your baby crying, quiet, awake, activity, rest, crawling, familiarization. Babies born with little to no medical intervention have a better chance of displaying such stages.

--> Once you and baby are situated together you will begin to explore your baby's newborn behavior starting with a period of alertness after birth followed by a deep sleep.

- You and your baby will need to recover after birth so try practicing skin to skin during this time. If you are too exhausted try getting some rest until your baby is ready for a feeding.

--> Some babies may not wake up for a feeding during the first 12- hours. Try waking up your baby every so often and offer the breast. Feedings at this time are short, but very important. In the first 24 hours you should aim to offer your breast 6 or more times in 24 hours.

--> Skin to skin is vital at this stage. If feedings are not going well, skin to skin will help stabilize blood sugar and body temperature along with exposing your baby to good bacteria which helps strengthen their gut. If you are not feeling well enough to hold your baby, the other parent of family member can hold baby skin to skin until you are feeling better.

--> If feedings are not going well, try hand expressing your milk into a small medicine up. You can offer your milk via cup, spoon, or syringe. Ask your nurse or Lactation Consultant for assistance.

- Feeding your baby expressed milk could entice him/her enough to latch.

Don't give up! It can be a little confusing at first, but after 12 hours has passed- you should start seeing your baby waking up for a feeding more often.

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